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Hotels or Resorts

Dive into the crystal-clear waters of an infinity pool, where the horizon stretches endlessly before you. For the ultimate indulgence, we offer private cabana's with personalized service as you sit back and sip champagne. From plush bedding to breathtaking views, every detail is meticulously crafted to ensure your comfort and relaxation.

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The Difference Between

Hotels & Resorts

What's the difference between hotels and resorts anyways? There are a few key differences between the two. Here are some of a few key differences between hotels and resorts.



Hotels are often located in urban or suburban areas, catering to travelers seeking convenient access to city centers, business districts, or transportation hubs. In contrast, resorts are typically situated in more scenic and secluded locations such as beaches, mountains, or countryside, offering a tranquil retreat away from the hustle and bustle of city life.



While hotels may offer basic amenities such as room service, a fitness center, and a business center, resorts tend to provide a wider range of recreational facilities and activities. This can include swimming pools, spa services, golf courses, water sports, hiking trails, and more, designed to enhance guests' leisure and relaxation experiences.



Hotels feature amenities geared towards convenience and efficiency, while resorts prioritize leisure and recreation with pools, spas, and outdoor activities. The differences makes resorts ideal for those seeking a getaway from the hustle of daily life, while hotels cater to a wider range of travelers, including business professionals and families on the go.


Duration of Stay

Hotels are commonly used for short-term stays, from one night to several days, catering to travelers on business trips, weekend getaways, or stopovers during longer journeys. Resorts, on the other hand, are often favored for longer stays, such as week-long vacations or extended retreats, allowing guests to fully immerse themselves in leisure and recreation.

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Paradise Perfected

Your Ultimate Caribbean Escape

Whether you're celebrating your honeymoon, anniversary, or simply seeking a romantic getaway, Sandals Luxury Resorts offer the perfect setting for love to blossom. From candlelit dinners on the beach to couples' massages, every moment is designed to create unforgettable memories.

  • Private Offshore Islands
  • Sesame Street Exclusive
  • Wedding & Honeymoon Packages
  • Caribbean-Inspired Spa Treatments
  • Golf Included
  • Personal Butler Service
  • Adults-Only Atmosphere
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A Special Offer For Military Veterans

We proudly honor military veterans with exclusive discounts as a token of gratitude for their service. Whether you're dreaming of a relaxing beach getaway, an exciting city escape, or an adventurous expedition, we're here to make your travel dreams a reality while giving back to those who have served our country.

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